Copulus Embrace Relationship Game

$ 36.99


Embrace is a sensual & educational board game created by a board certified Sex Therapist.

Embrace can be played on 3 different levels: Romantic, Sexual Intimacy & Hot Sex.

Players perform sensual & erotic tasks on a beautifully designed board.

The game can be played on FOUR different levels:

  1. Romantic (Lovey Dovey)
  2. Sexual Intimacy (Close Encounters)
  3. Hot Sex (Sexstacy)
  4. or the newest (and hottest) level Extreme Sex (Hard Core)

You choose the level depending on what you wish to enhance in your relationship.

Interactive truth and dare squares on the board allow players to be as naughty or as nice as they choose.

Embrace comes with a feather tickler and blindfold restraint and makes the ideal gift for any romantic or erotic occasion.

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