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Tenga Tenga Spinner Pixel
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The Essential Guide to Male Masturbators

The explosion of male masturbator products in the last 20 years is nothing short of revolutionary. Men today have at their disposal a wide variety of tools for achieving unique sensations that lead to ejaculation. Understanding how these tools work is important for maximizing your sexual potential (even when it comes to sex with a partner). With that in mind, here’s your essential guide to the “male masturbator” options now available:

Manual male strokers

While these can be considered “entry level” male masturbators, they are still a giant leap forward relative to hands only.

Within the manual stroker category, products are differentiated by materials used, external grips, orifice shape, internal textures, pressure options, heating options, and ease-of-maintenance. The simplest male strokers are silicone sleeves that you lubricate, wrap around your penis, and grip manually. These are low-cost, easy-to-clean, durable products yet they are still sufficient to provide a unique sensation relative to the hands-only approach.

The next class of manual strokers is often referred to as the “pocket pussy.” These are enclosed units that typically offer a more accurate approximation of the feeling of a vagina. Some models are equipped with electric heating, while others can be heated by soaking in hot water. In most cases, the far end of device has a small hole, making it easier to flush out for cleaning. When using the device, if you block the hole at the end, you’ll increase the pressure needed to stroke, which can also be pleasurable. The best pocket pussies enable you to easily customize the internal tension to maximize sensations.

Some models in this category are advertised as “hands free.” A “hands free” manual male stroker is simply one that integrates some form of mount, meaning you can thrust into the orifice without having to hold it.

Of course, not all “pocket pussies” simulate vaginas. Your other options (as you might expect) are anus or mouth/throat. Note that many celebrity porn stars have their own line of these strokers, where the opening is an exact replica of the chosen celebrity’s chosen orifice.

Automatic male strokers

In this category, the stroker employs some combination of vibration and motor-assisted squeezing that is intended to simulate the feeling of a given type of sex. The best models have more options in terms of the movements offered, the intensity of movement, and the variety of “cycles” through movements. Some automatic males strokers are designed to simulate oral sex, while some are designed for vaginal or anal simulation.

Partial-body sex dolls

These male masturbation toys feature a specific section of the (typically) female body molded using materials that feel realistic. The most common configuration is a female midsection that is offering up doggy-style sex. The best models are life size and have separate cavities (with different textures) for the vagina and anus. Head-only sex dolls and breast-only sex dolls are the other main options in this category.

Full body sex dolls

In this category, the quality (and price) can vary dramatically. At the low end we have simple inflatable sex dolls. As the price point goes up, the dolls become increasingly realistic with more and more features that are designed to maximize your enjoyment. The best full-body sex dolls are life-size and are made of high-quality materials that closely approximate the human body. They have steel or carbon “bones” and realistic joints, making it easy to pose them as needed. At the highest end, the orifices integrate all the features of the best male strokers like heating, vibrations, and squeezing. Some models even talk and respond to being touched in specific ways.

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