Doc Johnson TitanMen 8" Cock Francois Sagat DildoDoc Johnson TitanMen 8" Cock Francois Sagat Dildo
Adam & Eve True Feel Cock Brown DildoAdam & Eve True Feel Cock Brown Dildo
Adam & Eve Joy Ride Dildo w Power BoostAdam & Eve Joy Ride Dildo w Power Boost
Tantus Silk Medium Dildo in Purple HazeTantus Silk Medium Dildo in Purple Haze
NS Novelties Colours Dual Density 8” Dildo BlueNS Novelties Colours Dual Density 8” Dildo Blue
Evolved Luminous Dual Core DildoEvolved Luminous Dual Core Dildo
Calexotics Boundless 4.5" Slim ProbeCalexotics Boundless 4.5" Slim Probe
Fun Factory Limba Flex Dildo SmallFun Factory Limba Flex Dildo Small
Doc Johnson CodeBlack Vac-U-Lock 7" Thin DongDoc Johnson CodeBlack Vac-U-Lock 7" Thin Dong
Tantus P-Spot DildoTFB P-Spot Tantus Silicone Dildo
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Adam & Eve Adam's TRUE FEEL DildoAdam & Eve Adam's TRUE FEEL Dildo
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The Essential Guide to Buying the Best Dildo

The breadth of dildos available to the modern consumer can make purchasing one an intimidating prospect. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, which will arm you with the knowledge you need to purchase the best dildo that perfectly meets your expectations.

Materials of Dildos

The material you choose whether small dildo, big dildo, or monster dildo is both a matter of personal preference and a function of the intended application. Your options fall generally into soft versus hard, but there are certainly delightful combinations that integrate both soft and hard features. At the soft end, a flexible dildo made of silicone or soft PVC may suit certain moods, personality types, or situations. At the other extreme, there are times when a stainless-steel or glass dildo is called for. This could be merely a desire to experience that unrelenting stiffness, but it could also be borne of a more practical need to precisely stimulate the area you’re after. In between soft and hard, many dildos consist of a hard core with a soft outer layer. This can provide the best of both worlds.Shapes and sizes of our Dildos

As with materials, the shape and size of a dildo is, again, a function of preference and application. In terms of application, some dildos are designed to stimulate the g-spot, some are designed for clitoris stimulation, and some for anal sex dildo play. Some allow for stimulation of two or all-of-the-above erogenous zones. There are also dildos designed for two people these are sometimes called double dildos, double ended dildos, double headed dildos (including any combination of genders). In terms of preference, it’s really a matter of finding the shape that stimulates your body in the way you’re looking for. For some people, this may mean trying a few shapes and sizes and deploying them selectively based on the mood.

Vibrating Dildos

Many dildos integrate vibrations. When choosing a vibrating dildo, factors you’ll want to consider are power, movement types, intensity, cordless or battery operated (and battery life), and whether it’s waterproof. Here’s our Complete Guide to Buying Vibrators.

Pegging or mountable dildos

This category of dildo is designed for hands-free stimulation. Or more simply known as suction cup dildos. Here's a suction cup dildo to one we carry. At the low-end we have simple suction-mounted dildos. As the price point increases, the strength and stability of the mount improves and more features, such as vibrating mountable dildos, are added. Some models integrate an entire male mid-section, providing you with a more realistic dildo mount.

Strap On Dildo

Since strap-on dildos require a harness, you’ll need to consider the quality of the harness in addition to the strap on dildo itself. More expensive harnesses are generally made of more comfortable, longer-lasting materials. Most harnesses enable dildos to be changed out, but not all dildos fit in all harnesses, which is another factor you’ll need to consider. Further, some harnesses have a double mount, meaning you can attach two dildos at different angles. The dildo portions of strap-on dildos come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Some integrate features like squirting and vibrations, some are ultra-realistic, and some are specifically designed to not look like a penis. There are also Strap On Dildos For Men

Cleaning A Dildo

A final factor to consider when buying is ease of cleaning. Generally speaking, the more nooks and crannies your dildo has, the more carefully you’ll need to clean it after each use. Glass Dildos and metal dildos are the easiest to clean.

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