Tickler Toyfriend Single Trainer Kegel Exerciser

Color: Magenta
$ 21.95


The Single Trainer has a larger size and lower weight for an easier 'beginner squeeze'.

Made in silky-smooth and seamless body-safe silicone and completely solid.

Anatomically designed, easy to clean, super-hygienic and great for the body.

The Trainer Toyfriends are anatomically designed for easy insertion and extraction with a curved push-in surface and the right length of silicone string for both safe and comfortable use.

One-year warranty.

The Single Trainer is made in solid, seamless super-smooth silicone, and the it weighs 32 grams and has a size of 26 x 31 mm and a total length of 10 cm, making it the perfect beginners choice.

Available in Magenta or Yellow

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