Screaming O Affordable Recheargable Moove Massager

Color: Pink
$ 76.99


Affordable Rechargeable moove is a soft True Silicone® massager equipped with a bulbous head, bendable neck, and 20 deep, rumbling FUNctions powered by Vooom® vibration.

This flexible shape allows moove to follow your lead and bend, stretch, swirl, and zigzag without pause while sending powerful massage throughout moove’s rounded tip.

With its motor located right where it counts, moove can accommodate any curve or angle and gives users a fully waterproof rechargeable massager that rumbles for more than 60 minutes on a single charge.

moove is the latest from Screaming O’s series of low-priced, high-quality massagers powered by now-famous deep, rumbling Vooom® vibration featuring body-safe materials, powerful stimulation, and a charge cord in every box.


• Rechargeable massager with a flexible neck
• Deep, rumbling Vooom® vibration
• 20 powerful vibration & pulsation functions
• 100% waterproof + 60-minute run time
• Made of lab-tested, body-safe True Silicone®


Available in Pink, Purple or Black


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