Fun Factory Vim Weighted Rumble Wand Massager

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Introducing the Fun Factory Vim, the world's first weighted-rumble wand. With a unique weighted motor, this wand massager offers a wide range of settings from gentle to strong, while keeping vibrations in the head, not the handle. It also features a flexible neck for comfort in any position, and is 50% quieter and 32% lighter than the leading wand vibrator on the market. Get ready for an unparalleled massage experience.

The Fun Factory Vim Wand Massager is a sleek and stylish pleasure tool with a tapered length, textured handle, and brushed aluminum control panel. The wavy, all-silicone head provides a comfortable grip and amplifies vibrations, while the weight is concentrated in the head for effortless use. The handle doesn't channel vibrations, so you can play for as long as you desire without any numbness. Plus, you don't need to use a barrier with this toy, thanks to the head's lube-gripping texture.

Fun Factory Vim Weighted Rumble Wand Massager Features:

  • Unique weighted motor pleases at every speed
  • Wide range of settings, from gentle to strong
  • Vibration stays in the head, not the handle
  • Slightly flexible neck for comfort in any position
  • 50% quieter & 32% lighter than the leading wand
  • Fully customizable with 5 speeds and 3 patterns
  • Water resistant Vibrator
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Ethically made in Germany

 Experience the ultimate pleasure with the Fun Factory Vim Weighted Rumble Wand Massager. Unlike other massage wands, VIM's unique weighted motor delivers powerful and rumbly vibrations at any speed, including the gentlest. With a wide range of vibration settings, you can enjoy the heavy quaking sensations throughout your playtime. Easily customize any setting by holding the [+] or [-] buttons to find the perfect vibe. Don't settle for ordinary when you can have the extraordinary with the Fun Factory Vim!

How to us the Fun Factory Vim Wand Massager:

Hands-free solo play

Fun Factory Vim is the answer! With its unique weighted motor, you can sit back and enjoy the rumbly vibrations. Simply set it against a pillow and straddle it, then dip and swivel your hips for maximum pleasure. Don't forget to use lube for ultimate comfort.


 Pair the Fun Factory Vim with other toys

Take your pleasure experience to the next level by holding it against the base of another toy, allowing the rumbly vibrations to travel deeper inside you. Add some variety to your playtime with this unique feature and experience new heights of Fun!


Transform your doggy style with Fun Factory Vim

Hold its vibrating head against your clit during penetration for an explosive blended orgasm. With its powerful and customizable vibrations, Fun Factory Vim will take your pleasure to the next level. Don't forget to use lube for maximum comfort and stimulation.

Customer Reviews

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Get ready to rumble

I love fun factory’s designs. They’re elegant and sleek and just visually pleasing. The bending neck is genius and I’m surprised it’s the first time I’m seeing it used in a wand.

This thing has a deep rumble. I’m used to higher pitch buzzy wands, so it takes a minute for me to get into it but damn does it ever reach deep into my organs. High quality product, would recommend.

Juliana Marinova

Really nice deep vibrations and I love the bright color and super soft silicone from Fun Factory

VIM Wand

Fast shipping, great product. Description is bang on. Took some time to figure out the modes. Once you do you will enjoy. Had an issue with charge cable.

Another Win for Fun Factory

Another great product from Fun Factory. The Vim delivers a deep rumble that we were looking for. Like the rest of their products, Vim is a high quality product at a great price..

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