Fukuoku 12K Multispeed Fingertip Massager

$ 43.95


Fukuoko's focus isn't a broad selection of gadgets and gizmos to satisfy every need, but to do one thing exceptionally well: The mini-vibrator known as the 12k Fingertip Massager. Their flagship toy is an exceptionally small, 2.25-inch external vibrational stimulator that packs quite a bit of power for its size! The intuitive design allows for the toy to act as an extension of one's finger, allowing for even the most novice user to naturally understand how to utilize its full pleasure potential! Made of hypoallergenic, hygienic silicone, the Fukuoko comes with three sleeves with varying patterns for different types of stimulation. Sleek and compact, Fukuoko won't get in the way of intercourse so it acts as an amazing clitoral aide to amplify your sex! They might be the smallest contender we have to offer here at XOXTOYS - Sex Toys Canada, but we can guarantee that Fukuoko still packs a huge punch!

The smallest most powerful fingertip massager.

Adjustable finger-fitting ring.

Up to 12,000 vibrations per minute yet extremely silent!

Three different 100% silicone tips. No phthalates.

Leatherette bag and 2 A76/LR44 batteries included.

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