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Wrong product shipped

I ordered a replacement charging port for my device. It cost $30 dollars. When I received it in the mail not only was it not the correct part and does not work with my device the part that was sent was a charging cable that I can buy at any gas station for $8. I have not contacted cox toys yet about this issue so maybe I’ll have a better review on this issue in the future.

Just wow

These were so fun! I bought both the men and women ones and they were amazing! They work fast too :)

Gonna buy more

These were so fun! I bought both the men and women ones and they were amazing! They work fast too :)

Would recommend

The taste is subtle but definitely noticeable. I like the consistency of it and will definitely buy again.

impossible to provide a review when you don't receive the product you paid for.

Said thing is that the Company don't even answer the contact.
Unfortunately it seems not to be a serious company, don't recomend or you will risk money on it.

Favourite Lube!!!!!

This lube is the same as Fuckwater but it’s pink and oh so cute! Love the color and it works sooo good. Keeps things lubricated for fantastic glide and pleasure. No smell and never clumps. Even though I’m super sensitive to most lube this one works for me and has been an absolute godsend!!

Gift Yourself This Pleasure

Omg this toy is soooo much fun!! I love this for solo play. I orgasmed 8 times in a row with only seconds between all by myself with this toy. If you want to rock your own world this is the toy for you! It comes with a cute little satin bag. Connects to an app or use without the app. Allll the different movements and vibrations will blew my mind. This toy sent me out of orbit. I love that it’s small and pretty quiet despite it’s incredible talents and power. Definitely the most advanced toy I’ve ever experienced and so easy to use!! My boyfriend can control it with the app so could be great for couple play too.

Powerful and Discreet

This toy is incredible!! Talk about the lil engine that could, it gets the job done for sure! I love this for during sex because it’s super small and slim it doesn’t ever get in the way no matter what position you are in with your partner. It is sleek and really quite nice looking. I like how no one would know by looking at it what it is. You press and hold the button to turn it on or off and quick press to go through its different modes and strengths. It’s vibration is powerful so do not underestimate this one because of its size. Super fun!!

This Lube is Awesome

I am so sensitive to products and I don’t know why this lube is so special but it is one of the few that give me zero issues, feels great, keeps the glide going over and over again. No smell. Works great with toys, very versatile and never clumps. Definitely one of my favourites!!

Super cute!

Incredibly sexy, I feel so attractive wearing these. I'm ordering more right now so I never run out.

Quite Large but Quite Fun

Great dildo, made of high quality silicone. Definitely recommend for those who care about getting a dildo that is body safe.

It's wonderful 😊 ☺️ 🙂 ❤️ 😀 ♥️ 😊 I'm very happy and lucky thank you for the services and everything 😊

Uber lube for the win

Ok, this lube is hands down the best lube. I was used to water-based before this one because I thought it was better, but Uber wins. It’s silky without feeling slimy or sticky, it stays on a long time so a little goes a long way. Great to use in the shower. I even add a dab to freshly blow dried hair to tame frizz (shhhh our little secret ;)). You seriously can’t go wrong with this lube. AND it’s in a gorgeous glass bottle that I can keep on my nightstand.

Very real like

Loved making it with my boyfriend easy to do and great thing to do as a couple . Works great as well when he is not around

Love it

Me and my boyfriend loved making this and he loves when he is away for work to take it with him . Easy to do and works great


Didn't help a whole lot girlfriend did not enjoy the feeling of the spray the taste said it tasted like medicine

Material Feels like rubber but otherwise good

It says the vibe is soft silicone but it feels closer to rubber to me. Tried water based and silicone lube but I couldn't get a satisfactory glide. Charges quickly and feels solid, the vibration feels strong enough for me.


Fits exactly as it says it should. The boyfriend is going to love it!

Super cute!

I wore this one out to the sex club with my boyfriend the other night and I got so much attention, I had all the men staring at me all night. An absolute winner!

Hot damn!!

Love love.. love it!

So much fun.

Was good fun with my partner!


Il a une odeur vraiment insupportable, j'ai même dû le mettre à l'extérieur de la maison, car l'odeur tellement forte et insupportable se répandait partout, oui je l'ai laver et à plusieurs reprise et avec différents produits , rien à faire, l'odeur est toujours là.... Déçu du toy...

Best ever!

I have tried many brands of lubes , this brand is the absolute best ever , it doesn’t get sticky, toy safe and no reaction to my skin. I give this product 5 stars!

Pleasingly straight to the point

She says she enjoys it very very much . If she’s happy, I’m happy.

Super cute!

I love the way it fits me and can't wait to wear it out.